Precision Aluminum Parts and Aluminum Casting Prarts

Precision Machanical Aluminum Components:

Material:       Al 6061,Alloy Alloy,Die castings Aluminum Castings.

Finish:           Natural,Sandblasted,Anodized and Oxidized Color

Processing:  Turning,Machining,Lathing,Milling,moulded,Sand Castings and die castings

Dimension Tolerance: 

+/-0.02mm or +/-0.005 inch(CNC machining and lathing)

+/-0.1mm  or  +/-0.05 inch (Aluminum Castings)

Aluminum Die casting cap
Aluminum casting body
Aluminum milled parts
electric motor cover
Aluminum die casting tools handle
Aluminum special nut
Aluminum die casting pipe rack
Zinc die casting lock body
Forged aluminum pump plug
Radiator shell for charger