Brass Machinical Processing:

Brass Hot Forged,Bronze Sand Castings,CNC machining, CNC turning or CNC Lathing,Milling,Sandblasted

Material:Brass,Copper and Bronze.

Tolerance: CNC Lathe         +/-0.01 mm.
                General Lathe    +/-0.1 to 0.2 mm

Finishing: Natural,Polished,Nickel plated and Chrome Plated

1) Machined metal parts available in different types
2) CNC precision metal machined parts with bright polishing finish
3) Precision machining metal parts in OEM / ODM specifications
4) Precision machining parts made with zinc steel
5) Turned parts made by high precision CNC lathe
6) Precision metal parts for OEM orders

Manufacture metal parts in compliance with customers' designs. The products are shown here only to present the scope of our manufacturing activities, and are not for sale.